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Click on a word to get an explanation of term. Short, concise business jargon explained clearly and to the point. Examples used where appropriate. We appreciate that some terms have a different meaning in different industries and we will be glad to add your explanation for your specific industry. Please email at dictionary@scopulus.co.uk. This business dictionary has general meanings as well as industry specific meanings.

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                                              Obiter dictum


                                              Objects clause

                                              Oblique intent





                                              Off Balance Sheet


                                              Office Of Exit

                                              Office Of Export

                                              Official Receiver

                                              Official Solicitor



                                              Offshore funds

                                              Offshore Investments

                                              Ogden tables


                                              Old Lady of Threadneedle Street



                                              On Consignment

                                              Open court

                                              Open Economy

                                              Open End Credit

                                              Operating profit

                                              Operating System

                                              Operational risk

                                              Opportunity Costs


                                              Option to Tax

                                              Order of committal

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